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I realise when I see someone with an shoulder complaint I convey a lot of information in a short time.

There are often many ways of treating different disorders depending on your own needs and disability.

This website reflects my thoughts on shoulder disorders and should not replace a consultation or examination by a medical professional.

This website is designed for use by patients and medical professionals click on the relevant link in the menu above.

I appreciate I often use a lot of medical terminology which can be confusing.
I do try to simplify things, but know if you over simplify things it may lose its true meaning.

Where I have used medical terms I have linked them to a definitions list. If you click on the word it will take you to the definition.
If you simply mouseover (rest your mouse on the word) a short contextual definition will appear (tooltip).
eg. Rest your cursor over this word - Mouseover

Lee Van Rensburg (2012)