Fellows and visitors

The Cambridge Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Unit offers 6 month to 1 year fellowships for senior trainees, starting in February and August.

This is an exciting fellowship that offers time to round off and finish your training.

The post is usually booked up two years in advance and is advertised in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).
Appointing Fellowship Posts up to 2 years in advance, peoplesí situations can change and candidates do drop out at short notice.

If you would like to be notified and considered for a post in those circumstances please let us know.

 (see person specification below)

For details download the person specification (asof 2011).

Previous fellows and visitors

Angus Arthur - Glasgow
Lucy Dennel - Kings Lynn
Hemang Mehta - Newport
Amit Datta - Chelmsford
Alistair Pace - Scarborough
Simon Thomas - Aberdeen
Neil Patel - Durham and Darlington
Dylan Griffiths - London, St Marys
Niel Kang - Cambridge
Rupen Dattani - London, Chelsea and Westminster
Adrian Low - Sydney (Australia)
David Rose - Maidstone
James Maclean - Sydney (Australia)
Ben East - Newcastle (Australia)
Muiris Kennedy - Tullamore (Ireland)
Paul Cowling -

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Mouseover pin heads for detail