Cutaneous nerves of upper extremity:

We will discuss ultrasound location of following nerves in the section

Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm:
Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm:
Intercostobrachial nerve:

Following diagram shows cutaneous innervation of upper extremity taken from Gray's anatomy:

Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm (Medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve):

It arises from the medial cord. The nerve then runs on the medial side of arm medial to the brachial artery.  It then pierces the deep fascia at midarm level to travel along with basilic vein.  It then divided into two branches which communicate with other cutaneous nerves to supply the medial side of forearm.

Following video shows how to locate the nerve: To find this nerve start scanning at the level of elbow on the medial side.  scan over the basilic vein.  Once the vein is found, trace it towards the axilla and look for the nerve around it.  You will need a very good machine with a high frequency probe to locate this nerve.

The nerve is blocked in the arm, around the vein, before the nerve branches and where it is seen well.

Lateral Cutaneous nerve of forearm (lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve):
It is a continuation of musculocutaneous nerve. Musculocutaneous nerve passess through the substance of coracobrachialis muscle and then between biceps and brachialis muscle to the lateral side of arm and then pierces the deep fascia to lie lateral to biceps tendon. It then lies alongside the cephalic vein before dividing into branches. The following picture shows the musculocutaneous passing through the arm between biceps and brachialis.

Following video shows ultrasound location of lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm.  The scan starts at elbow finding the cephalic vein and then identifying the nerve and then following it as it travels through the arm. 

Intercostobrachial Nerve:

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